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Sunday, July 11, 2021

Mechanic Auto Electrical & Electronics Theory

Mechanic Auto Electrical 

& Electronics Theory

Mechanic Auto Electrical & Electronics Training is a simple e-Book for ITI & Engineering Course Mechanic Auto Electrical & Electronics (MAEE). It contains Theory covering all topics including all about the latest & Important about Apply safe working practices in an automotive work shop. Environment regulations and housekeeping in the work shop. Perform precision measurements on the components and compare parameters with specifications used in automotive work shop practices. Make choices to carry out marking out the components for basic fitting operations in the work shop. Use different types of tools and work shop equipment in the Auto work shop. Use of different type of fastening and locking devices in a vehicle. Perform basic fitting operations used in the work shop practices and inspection of dimensions. Grinding of cutting tools in the work shop. Perform surface finishing operations in the given job. Produce sheet metal components using various sheet metal operations. Produce components using bending process in the given work piece. Inspect the auto component using Nondestructive testing methods Manufacture components with different types of welding processes in the given job. Identify the hydraulic and pneumatic components in a vehicle. Construct electrical circuits and test its parameters by using electrical measuring instruments. Perform basic electrical testing in a vehicle. Perform battery testing and charging operations. Construct basic electronic circuits and testing. Apply safe working practices and environment regulation in an automotive work shop. Inspect power steering control module and troubleshoot in power steering. Identify and check ABS components. Understand the constructional features and working principles of MPFI system. Identify the major components of car AC and carry out repair, maintenance of AC system. automotive lighting system and their troubleshooting and lots more.

We add new Theory with each new version. Please email us in case of any errors/omissions. This is arguably the largest and best e-Book for All engineering Theory. 

As a student you can use it for your exam prep. This e-Book is also useful for professors to refresh material.


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