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Electrician ITI MCQ Book

Electrician ITI MCQ Book

Electrician ITI is a simple e-Book for ITI & Engineering Course Electrician. It contains objective questions with underlined & bold correct answers MCQ covering all topics including all about the latest & Important about safety and environment, use of fire extinguishers, trade tools & its standardization, identifies different types of conductors, cables & their skinning & joint making, Kirchhoff’s law, ohm’s law, laws of resistances, single phase and poly-phase circuits for 3 wire /4 wire balanced & unbalanced loads, ICDP switch, distribution fuse box and mounting energy meters, HP/LP mercury vapour and sodium vapour light, measuring instruments like multimeter, wattmeter, energy meter, phase sequences meter, frequency meter, for measurement of electrical parameters in single & three phase circuits, heating element equipment, induction heating equipment, grinding machines and washing machines, rotating machines: DC machines, induction motors, alternators & MG sets, DC machine and induction motors, diodes for bridge rectifier, switching devices & amplifiers by electronic components, control cabinet, assembling control elements and their wiring, Speed control of AC/DC motors by electronic controller, voltage stabilizer, emergency light, battery charger, UPS and inverter, thermal, hydel, solar & wind energy systems, relay and circuit breaker and lots more.