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Motor Mechanic Second Year MCQ Book

 Motor Mechanic Second Year-  MCQ

 मोटर मेकॅनिक दुसरे वर्ष - MCQ

Mechanic Motor Vehicle Second Year (MMV) is a simple e-Book for ITI & Engineering Course Mechanic Motor Vehicle (MMV). It contains objective questions with underlined & bold correct answers MCQ covering all topics including all about light vehicle/Heavy Vehicle transmission units including Gear box, Single plate clutch assembly, Diaphragm clutch assembly , Constant mesh Gear box, synchromesh gear box, gear linkages, Propeller shaft, Universal Slip Joint, Rear axle assembly, Differential assembly, light vehicle Chassis units, Shackle, Leaf spring, Front axle, Front and rear suspension, Steering Gearbox- worm and roller type, Steering Gearbox- Reticulating ball type, Master cylinder, Tandem Master cylinder, Front and rear brake, Wheel cylinder , Vacuum booster, Air servo unit, Air tank (reservoir), wheel balancing and Wheel Alignment, Electronic Control Unit, charging system, starting system, Vehicle Air Conditioning system, Traffic Regulations and lots more.