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Information & Communication Technology System Maintenance MCQ Book

 Information & Communication Technology 

System Maintenance MCQ

ICTSM is a simple e-Book for ITI & Engineering Course Information & Communication Technology System Maintenance ICTSM. It contains objective questions with underlined & bold correct answers MCQ covering all topics including all about the latest & Important about safety and environment, use of fire extinguishers, Resistors and Soldering, De-soldering practice,Inductors, measure Inductance and uses of Transformer, Capacitor, types of Transistors and use it as Amplifiers, voltage, frequency, modulation of modulator/ transmitter. Working with some important Mechanical, Electrical & Electronics Accessories used in information communication system, Word Processing and Spreadsheet Software, hardware components of Desktop Computer., Operating System and all other application software, hardware components of Laptop PC. Replace/ install SMPS and troubleshoot, memory devices, chips, Modem, System Resources, Add on Cards, Cables & Connectors, Tablet/ Smart Devices, Networking System using various network devices, configuration of Windows Server. Installation, configuration of DNS, Routing and user account customization. Configuration of Server and managing Server Network security and Infrastructure. Installation and basic configuration of Linux server and lots more.