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Marine Fitter MCQ Book

 Marine Fitter MCQ

Marine Fitter is a simple e-Book for ITI & Engineering Course Marine Fitter. It contains objective questions with underlined & bold correct answers MCQ covering all topics including all about the latest & Important  about safety and environment, use of fire extinguishers, single / multi cylinder I.C. engines and marine engines, types of pumps and valves, basic fitting skills sawing, filing, marking, chipping, drilling, forging, carpentry, fundamental electrical and electronic circuitry, emergency fire pump, bilge pump, multi cylinder marine engine, drilling, tapping to fasten

bolts, nuts and rivets and skills on welding, gas cutting, brazing and soldering operation for joining metals. Impart training to dismantle, overhaul and assemble different types of DC and AC machines, maintenance of Fuel system, Cooling system, Lubrication System, starting, stopping, multi cylinder marine engine, overhaul and assembles pumps and motors, lubrication, valve mechanism, intake and exhaust system, clearance checking, power generation and distribution system, steering system in marine engine, detect leakage and trouble shooting of refrigeration system, able to check dry dock and undertake maintenance and lots more.