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Stone Processing Machine Operator JOB Interview Questions


Stone Processing Machine Operator
JOB Interview Questions

ITI Stone Processing Machine Operator is a simple e-Book for ITI Processing Machine Operator JOB Interview & Apprentice Exam. It contains objective questions with underlined & bold correct answers MCQ covering all topics including all about safety -including fire equipments, types of stones, their dimension & decoration, Commercial varieties and different types of textures in stones, simple fitting operations, hacks awing, punching and filing. Marking instruments and their uses. Use of vernier caliper, micrometer, Method of using drills taps and dies, Types of hack saw frames and blades, Vernier calliper and Micrometer and their use, Fundamental of electricity. Explanation of electrical measuring instruments Ammeters, Voltmeter, Energy meter, marble, granite, sand stone, kota stone (flaggy limestone), slate, lifting/moving block, Dressing, Cutting/sawing, Calibrating, Polishing, Edge cutting, Chamfering, Grooving, diamond gang saw/steel gang saw, Mono blade dresser, Circular saws, Polishing machine, Calibrating machine, Edge cutting/cross cutting machine, Slicing machine and lots more.

We add new question answers with each new version. Please email us in case of any errors/omissions. This is arguably the largest and best e-Book for All engineering multiple choice questions and answers. 

As a student you can use it for your JOB Interview & Apprentice Examprep. This e-Book is also useful for professors to refresh material.